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The Issues

“I am first and foremost a Christian. My dedication to the belief that we all have inherent value and are entitled to liberty and equality before the law is rooted in this worldview. Individual liberty, personal responsibility, respect for God and limited, constitutional government are not merely convenient political concepts, but essentials which are fundamental to our liberty, prosperity and security.”
Limited, Constitutional Government

The US Constitution is not a list of suggestions, but a contract between the people and their government. Representatives must actively demonstrate their support for these documents by using originalism to faithfully interpret its text.

Economic Liberty & Private Property

People should be free to make important economic decisions for themselves free from intrusive and over bearing government. This means supporting low taxes, opposing onerous regulations, protecting private property rights and at all times fighting cronyism, which seeks to make business beholden to politicians and bureaucrats rather than their customers.

Fiscal Responsibility

Transparency, Frugality and Constitutionality must be the hallmarks of government budgeting and fiscal management. Taxes should be collected fairly and equitably and should only be expended on legitimate functions of government.

Educational Freedom

Parents need greater freedom in determining their children’s educational needs. Teachers need more time and flexibility to educate rather than trying to constantly prepare children for their next standardized test, and we must keep Common Core out of Virginia education.

Virginia Families

I am adamantly pro life and will not only fight legislation to reduce restrictions on unsafe abortion clinics, but will actively encourage, advance and patron legislation which recognizes governments legitimate interest in advancing the ethic that all people have intrinsic worth!

Second Amendment Rights

Restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms is a direct violation of both the letter and the spirit of the law and must be opposed. While I share the concerns expressed by some about firearms falling into the wrong hands, it cannot be overstated that restricting the ability of law abiding people to protect themselves and their families because of the criminal actions of some, is not only inappropriate but completely counter productive to a free and safe society.

Immigration Reform

As a sovereign nation, we have an obligation to secure our borders. Our immigration system must be reformed to allow for safe and sensible legal immigration. We cannot allow for processes that do not take into account the best interests of our citizens. The current system has allowed terrorists and criminals to step in front of honest immigrants seeking to assimilate into our society. Nick supports both strengthening our border security and adopting merit-based immigration policies.


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In Defense of SFC Martland

Delegate Nick J. Freitas receives a standing ovation for a speech he gave on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates on February 18th, 2016 regarding SFC Martland, who was dishonorably discharged after beating an Afghan Officer who was abusing a child.

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